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SafeChain is building a better way to buy and sell real estate.

Our vision is a consumer driven market, empowered by Blockchain, which results in a secure 30 second real estate transaction. SafeChain is working with innovators in the real estate and title industries to make transactions safer, more efficient and enhance the overall experience for title offices and their clients. With our suite of software solutions, we are improving the speed and safety at which properties are transferred while working towards a seamless and near instantaneous transaction.


Our Products

SafeWire: Last year alone, almost $1Billion dollars were lost to wire fraud. Our technology solution, which is blockchain enabled and built with banking level security, allows title professionals and buyers & sellers to transact with confidence. We are putting a stop to wire fraud with our best in class solution, backed by a $1Million guarantee.


Our City

Voted as one of the top cities for technology startups, Columbus is a great city to build your career. We’re a top 10 city for young professionals, and the city is growing by more than 40 people per day. It’s the perfect place to start your career, innovate, have fun, and experience a city full of diversity.